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Criminal Law


Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offense of any kind may be one of the worst situations that a person has face.  You may be immediately arrested and placed in jail. You will have to be bonded out and make court appearances.  Then, you have to resolve your case itself.

My general rule is to get my client out of jail as soon as possible and thereafter try to keep him or her out of jail.

Any form of criminal conviction can have serious consequences.  Some convictions will be placed on your criminal record and follow you the rest of your life.

Every case must be fully and completely evaluated to determine the facts, defenses to the charge, the options to take in handling the case and the possible resolutions to the case.

Many options are available.  The best course is a dismissal of all charges and an expungement of the record of the arrest.  The next could be a court diversion program that is handled with the approval of the court or through a program provided by the law.  You entitled to an expungement of your record if these programs are successfully completed.  Drug Court may be available in some situations that involve serious drug charges.

In representing you, I always enter into discussions of your case with the prosecutor to reduce the charge to a lesser offense that could be appropriate under the circumstances with penalties that could also be reduced.

If need be, everyone is entitled to a jury trial.  It may be that your case has to be tried before the court and a decision rendered by the judge or jury.

In any event, the final outcome is most important to you.  You cannot put a dollar amount on your freedom or your record.  You do not want your ability to be accepted to a college or university to be placed in jeopardy.  You do not want to create any problems with your job or professions.

If charged, you need to obtain the services of an attorney as soon as possible.  You need legal advice immediately.

I have been helping people resolve these kinds of problems for 40 years.  I put my client's interests first and am available to them.

In any case, we can push for a resolution that is best for you.  You as the client will always be my biggest concern.

One final thing, stay off Social Media and do not discuss your case with others. This can come back to you and can cause you more problems than you can imagine.

 I do not charge for an initial consultation or phone conversation.