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DUI & Traffic

I am licensed to practice law in South Carolina.  Some of the areas of my practice include, Conway and Myrtle Beach area and cities and town on the way to Myrtle Beach.  Including Marion, Aynor, Nichols, Florence, Latta, Dillon, Bennettsville, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, and Georgetown.

If you have received a traffic ticket or warrant for an offense of any kind you need to consult me, or some other attorney, to make sure you know all the consequences that may arise from the charge.

It may be that the charge is minor and it will not cause you any problem.  However, in this area of the law, you must carefully review your particular situation, the circumstances of the charge, the effect on your driver's license.  The future cost of your automobile insurance is a serious consideration.

I can review your situation, advise you of your options, and try to resolve your case in a manner that will be in your best interest.  I do not charge for an initial consultation or telephone conversation.

There are many ways to resolve these cases.  Sometimes cases do get dismissed.  Many times they are handled by a plea to a lesser charge or an offense that would not hurt you on driver's license points or insurance points.  Cases can also be handled through various traffic programs to eliminate or lessen the consequences of the charge.  Then, if need be, you always have a right to a jury trial for a jury to decide your case.

There are problems that arise as a result of traffic matters.  You can lose your regular driver's license.  If you have a commercial driver's license, points or a reckless driving charge or a number of tickets can revoke your CDL.  Your insurance rates can increase to the extent it hurts you financially.  At times, your job could be in jeopardy if your employer reviews your driving record and it does not meet his standards.

 Regardless of the situation, I will be glad to help you look for a resolution that is in your best interest.

 Finally, do not wait until the last minute to seek legal advise.  If you do, you may overlook some of your rights.

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